With increasing job opportunities in the field of healthcare, both in India and abroad, there has never been a better time than today to be a professional nurse. DM WIMS Nursing College, established in 2014, aims at preparing young, dedicated students for nursing practice at Graduate, Masters and Doctoral levels. DM WIMS Nursing College offers a 4-year course wherein students gain immense knowledge of Nursing Pedagogy. Join us today for a brighter tomorrow!


DM WIMS Nursing College be recognized as an innovative ‘Global Centre for Excellence’ in Nursing Education, Scholarships and Research. The College strives to become one of the most distinguished Colleges of Nursing in the country by 2025.


DM WIMS Nursing College provides accessible, high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral education through its experienced faculty. DM WIMS Nursing College endeavours to be a resource centre for sourcing the best Professional Nurses for all entries of practice.
The mission will be accomplished through innovative programs which reflect on emerging trends in society and will promote clinical practice, scholarly activities and research.


  • We, the faculty of DM WIMS Nursing College, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and excellent faculty, endeavour to bring together- learning and healing, in a serene, eco-friendly campus.
  • We, the faculty of DM WIMS Nursing College believe that nursing is a dynamic and challenging profession that requires a synthesis of critical thinking skills and theory based practice to provide care for individuals, families and communities experiencing a variety of developmental and health-illness transitions.
  • The faculty recognizes that education is a continuous process influencing the overall development of the learner.
  • The faculty realizes that nursing practice must reflect an understanding and tolerance for each individual’s dignity, values and culture.
  • We affirm that nursing practice takes place within the context of an ever-changing environment, hence interdisciplinary collaboration is necessary to implement comprehensive plans of care to improve outcome.
  • We believe that the Graduate course in Nursing prepares students for the first level position in Nursing in the hospital, community, nursing educational institutions and research institutions. The Post Graduate education in Nursing prepares a professional nurse for advanced Nursing Practices.
  • The faculty realizes that the courses prepare nurses for leadership positions in nursing and healthcare fields where they can function as nurse specialists, consultants, educators, administrators and researchers in a wide variety of professional settings, both in meeting the national priorities and in catering to the changing needs of the society. 
  • The faculty ascertains in professional development through continuing education in order to promote nursing research and ethical decision-making to maintain standards of profession.
  • And finally the faculty shall strive to invoke in students, a pride in their profession.

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